Emma Auriemma-McKay

Landscapes to me are like human figures and faces in a variety of

positions and expressions.  Even though the landscape is an

unmoving mass, the ever-changing light quality of the time of day or

season changes the character of the scene.   My challenge and goal

is to capture that moment that inspires me, to translate and express

the experience of the beauty of nature and its structure of what I see

and feel.

Emma is a New Jersey transplant via a 38 year residency in

California.  The awesome physical beauty of the basin and range

landscapes and extensive sky has been the spark of inspiration to

pursue a long time passion of painting.  Enjoying a professional career

as an architect, Emma received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Architecture

from Rhode Island School of Design, is a licensed architect, certified

interior designer and is LEED accredited.  She has practiced with noted

firms in New York, London and Los Angeles and presently has her

own architectural practice.

Additional art studies have included: Kean College, NJ; The Institute of

American Universities, Avignon, France; Carmel Art Foundation,

Carmel, CA;  Mark Farina, Pacific Grove, CA and Erik Holland, Reno, NV.

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