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  Faith Valley is off Blue lakes Road just south west of Hope Valley.  This has become a favorite place. There are three mountain tops,  streams and rocks to keep me busy painting.  I had hoped for more autumn colors but hopefully next visit.  I’m sad for summer’s departure but looking forward to the excitement of fall.

Winter Paint Locations

  .   We are lucky here in Nevada.  Even though it is winter we can still enjoy the outdoors.  When the sun is shining it feels like it is nearly spring (As long as you  are dressed appropriately). We can take advantage of painting at beautiful sites that are swamped during the summer days but […]

Painting Mount Rose

Giants in the Landscape        The New York Hudson Valley School of painters at the turn of the century referenced to Giants in the Landscape which always intrigued me.  I believe the term meant to be an ideologically  literary reference to the personality of nature, such as wind and weather.  It reminds me of being […]

Painting on Site

Some times one must adjust to your location as was the case of the glorious day we painted Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe. I had to adjust my easel between the massive rocks and position my umbrella for shade under the last hot Indian Summer day.  One of the interesting things about plein air  painting […]