Cold Creek copy 2







Hope Valley area being a little higher in elevation had a little more snow than  our local area.  I  selected a spot on the north side of the bridge over the Carson River from where I had previously painted. Despite the wonderful weather we enjoyed this winter this day was a little dicey because of an approaching snow storm due the next day.  I was lucky while I painted this the sun did shine making me feel as if it were a warm summer day.

Because there was still snow on the ground snow hardened snow surface that wouldn’t allow my umbrella spike to pierce, I took shelter in the shadow of a tall pine.  That was the good part because being on the sloping river bank my easel and I had feet planted about 2 feet below the other.  It proved somewhat unstable since when I needed to move as I painted  I took a few big slides almost into the water.  Luckily the easel stayed in place during these events.  Over all I felt like I had a successful day.

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