Every business  industry has their conventions.   This week the Plein Air artists

had their second annual convention in beautiful Monterey, CA.   Plein Air

(painting out doors on location) seems to be growing in popularity.  Many former studio only artists have discovered the joy of painting outdoors despite the inconvenience and discomfort of painting in the unprotected environment.  We can see so much more on site and all the senses are involved that can add to the piece you produce.  A painting can be completed or just used to collect information for a more complete or larger studio painting.


For the viewer I think these kinds of paintings can help them appreciate the beauty of nature, prime moments of weather, light or nostalgia of a memory.  This appreciation will not only be enjoyed just viewing the painting but translates into real time of really looking and seeing the real world which evokes and inner elation. Viewing a painting can get us out of our working cubicles or helps us be momentarily unplugged from our technology.


One may wondered what information does an artist need to know? There are existing and new products that are interesting to know about and test. The most important part of the convention was to observe techniques and demonstrations of the presenters.


The presenters were the top notch Plein Air Painters of America, POPA.   We got to witness the genius of the best as well as witness their vulnerability to the pressure to performing for us since every painting attempt is not always a total success.  Each artist varied in their approach in resolving certain issues or how they expressed a certain feeling or dealt with a particular element in the painting. Also  basics of  tips and formulas are always important to learn and review.  It is like a golfing, which many of you may be familiar. When you take that swing, there are a thousand things to remember.  So it is making a painting.


So who would think a after just three days of an “Art Convention” could tiring. After being bombarded with all that information envy I was exhausted.  It surprisingly took a lot of brain power,thought and emotion.


It’s ironic for a Plein Air Convention to be held indoors for three days. Finally we get our shot at putting all the information we absorbed the last three days into action.  We were then the ones under pressure and vulnerable to be under the critical eyes of the nations best.  YIKES!!  So deep breaths and enjoy?!##We’ll see what happens…..


One result that is worthy to share.  The others are still in the works and may or may not make it.

With the growth of this painting movement you may be spotting more  people standing along the road, dressed sloppily standing in front of these funky stick thing, easels.  Avoid them like you would with a cyclist since they are in the midst of creation. Even be kind and slow down otherwise our supplies may fly around, our paintings may fly off our easels and be ruined after our intense work or our palette my end up on our chests,  Most of us are very friendly you might even stop and see what we have captured.  If the painting grabs you as the scene grabbed us, you can take it home an it enjoy it by owning it.


To hear the stories of the struggles we artists endure out in the field enjoy this clip. I actually appear just after the middle of it and then a few times later.

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